Imagine (), Mystery


I looked at myself in the mirror and stared at the worthlessness. Sometimes I wonder if this reflection had a life and world of its own. That guy is so sarcastic, he walks towards me and walks away as I do the same. All that with my expression while I know he’s laughing inside. His imitations mocks my very existence.

Well, he has got all right to laugh at me like everyone else in this world. Who would let go of a comfortable life to chase a dream that is impossible to achieve? When everyone on this side of the mirror are like that, it is no surprise that someone from an unknown place feels the same. While that thought tries to seed comfort in my mind, his stare, those eyes, that unseen smirk, pierces through my consciousness.

What if someone just walks up from behind and strangles him to death? Maybe then it would be my turn to laugh inside. I just can’t bear to look at that fellow who thinks of himself as the epitome of success and happiness.  What does he even do in his world to be so successful? And he has the guts to act and dress like me who is penniless. Why does he act, when he knows I am aware of his reality? Is he trying to make me comfortable by stooping down to my level? Well, he is pissing me off! That’s what he is doing!

“You are bloody pissing me off! Do you realize that?” I reverberated, along with the voice from the other side.

I was pissing him off too? He expects me to believe that? He must be joking. I smiled a little at his failed joke while he did the same, thinking I was dumb and unable to get it.

“Why don’t we exchange worlds? You want to act like me. Why not live like me?”

Oh my! Here’s one enthusiastic guy. Of course, I would swap without a thought. He doesn’t realize the shit that this world is! Come my friend. Be fooled. It is all yours. Not a day. Not a single day would you survive this pain. Not a day would pass without loathing each and every person that is around you. All those people who rise to the top with no knowledge, no talent, no courtesy, no sympathy, no empathy, no understanding, no heart and no real life, will swarm you like zombies and dig into your flesh. They will feast on your body parts while you can feel every bit of the pain. Do you think it is a good deal? This swapping worlds thing?

What’s that? Do you say hard work? Don’t make me laugh so much! It hurts me in the stomach! Where lame leaders can lead nations, where reckless bosses can stomp their employees, where sadistic teachers can beat up innocent pupils, where corporations dictate social life, where 80% of the world’s riches are owned by 20% of the people, where your own people do not trust you, you expect to be happy? Wait! Wait! Why you so open about this deal? Is your world worse? Oho! It is, isn’t it? Then why do you act happy? What? You say that’s my imagination? Oh come on! Stop being a dope now! What are you on?

Chuck it. Let’s end this today. I had enough of looking at your stupid face for years now. Screw the deal man. Looks like you are dragging me into something worse. I just wish that you die! Just die man! Die and let me live in peace!

“Die! Die! Die!”

A loaded revolver was lying next to him on a small table. He picked it up and held it to his temple.

“Yes! Do it! I had enough of you!”

“As you wish my friend, see you in the netherworld”, he smiled and clicked the trigger.